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You will be in charge of performing all prescribed treatments offered by the spa. You will use your in-depth technical know-how to instil wellbeing, give massages, facials and body treatments and guarantee the necessary hygiene and cleanliness in each service. You will diagnose the customer’s needs and any needs for customisation and recommend the most appropriate products and services aimed at ensuring the customer’s absolute satisfaction with their spa visit.



  • 12th grade diploma
  • Certified diploma as a masseur/masseuse and beautician
  • Experience in massages and spa face and body treatments, preferably at five-star hotels
  • English communication skills Preferably knowledge of other languages;
  • Experience with MS Office



  • Ease of communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Drive and proactiveness
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Good time management, organisation and methodical working skills
  • Flexibility for shift work

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