Environmental policy

The Savoy Hotels & Resorts believes that economic growth and social well-being are inseparable to the effects of the environment’s health. With this in mind, we have committed ourselves to develop and combine good practices and standards of sustainability in our business strategy.
Our group of hotels is committed to practicing eco-efficient management of the daily running of the resort. In order to minimise the impact on the environment by rationally using natural resources and energy and by reducing as much as possible the effects of pollution, we are contributing to the economy, improving the environment and society, thus benefiting present and future generations.
We are conscious that this is a contributive and progressive process counting on our suppliers’ and business partner's collaboration in order to continue improving our procedures.
Environmental Promise
In accordance with the current legislation with regards to the environment, the Savoy Hotels & Resorts accepts the following commitments:

• To evaluate regularly the impacts on the environment and fulfil the existing norms applicable to sustainable tourism.
• To prevent pollution
• To guarantee adequate management of natural resources and residues.
• To co-operate and promote communication with external entities, environmental associations, local authorities and the general public.
• Involving clients, employees, the local community and suppliers in order to encourage environmental improvements in all of its activities, products and services.
• Educating employees and promoting environmental awareness programs to enable, bring awareness and to practice sustainable tourism. In turn this will instigate personal and professional growth, for better working conditions, health and security.
• Encouraging local development and promoting economic, social and cultural growth in the region with the participation of the surrounding communities, suppliers and service providers.
• By enforcing these guidelines the Royal Savoy has begun improving its procedures, with the aim of achieving optimal environmental practices.

Our purchasing policy

Conscientious of its role as a leader in the regional market, the Savoy Hotels & Resort seeks to manage a balance between social development and responsibility, environmental preservation and economic prosperity. The principles and commitments that the Savoy Group assumes daily, in its purchasing policies, reflect our respect for suppliers, collaborators and customers, allowing for an even greater confidence in our prestigious Company.

Our approach to the market, in essence, is:
• To buy with responsibility – We maintain a selection process of suppliers based on rigorous and demanding criteria while taking into account the fundamental principle of sustainability.
• Regular events and one-on-one meetings with most relevant suppliers are promoted to establish common objectives towards more sustainable solution ( product, packaging, transport and others).
• To support regional suppliers – In equal circumstances we opt, with preference, to buy from regional suppliers. In local products, our percentage is around 20%, like local beer, fish, meat, cookies ,fruits, vegetables and others.
• We contribute to the socio-economic growth of the region and avoid the long-haul transportation of goods from distant places which in turn favours environmental preservation.
• To respect the environment – We seek suppliers that are committed to and put in practice to the fullest the national and international norms in this domain.
• Preference for re-usable, returnable and recycled goods where available, lifecycle duration and costing are usual considerations, suppliers and products are analyzes with the 80/20 principle (quantity, impact, relevance) fact sheets in particular for toxic substances like chemicals, paints are analyzed and avoided where ever possible.
• To promote healthy eating – We contribute to a healthful eating style for our workers and customers by offering the best and freshest produce available and through rigorous process of food safety and hygiene quality control.
 Whenever possible purchase organic and locally grown produce.
We believe that with even these small contributions we can help effect global changes necessary to the future and humanity within its ecological framework : saving energy, more efficient residual waste management, protecting biodiversity and improving consumption habits.
The Savoy Hotels & Resort is committed to actions designed to conserve and protect the environment, and will continue to implement those actions, whenever possible and economically feasible.

Sustainability policy

The Sustainability Policy of an organisation should be understood as a set of broad guidelines for carrying out all activities in absolute respect for the highest possible values. Our ambition is to promote prosperity, quality, create social, environmental and economic change and to improve the capacities of people and organisations.

Conscious of the need to respect this principle, Savoy Hotels & Resorts undertakes to adopt policies in the areas of social responsibility, quality, purchasing, environmental and food safety.

We are aware that this is an evolutionary and contributory process, so we rely on the collaboration of our employees, suppliers and business partners to continually improve our procedures.

An Savoy Hotels & Resorts sustainability report will be prepared annually.

Environmental Policy


To carry out eco-efficient management in order to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities and services, to prevent pollution and to make rational use of natural resources, minimising the effects of pollution on the environment, thereby contributing to economic growth to improve the quality of the environment and society for the benefit of present and future generations.

In accordance with the environmental legislation in force, Savoy Hotels & Resorts has the following commitments:

  1. a) To regularly assess its environmental impacts and comply with current standards applicable to Sustainable Tourism, promoting the continuous improvement of its processes.
  2. b) To ensure proper management of natural resources and waste.
  3. c) To prevent pollution.
  4. d) To cooperate and promote communication with external entities, environmental associations, local authorities and the public in general.
  5. e) To engage customers, employees, the local community and suppliers to encourage improved environmental performance across all of its activities, products and services.
  6. f) To promote awareness programmes and environmental training for its employees in order to train and raise awareness of sustainable tourism practices, fostering personal and professional growth, aiming at better working conditions, health and safety.
  7. g) To encourage local development involving local communities, suppliers and service providers, promoting economic, social and cultural growth in the region.
  8. h) In order to ensure our commitment, Savoy Hotels & Resorts has initiated a process of continuous improvement in order to achieve ideal environmental performance.

Social Responsibility Policy

Savoy Hotels & Resorts considers it our duty to act in a socially responsible manner towards our guests and employees, as well as to the local community and the environment.

Through our social commitment, we reject any negative impact on the community and the environment and directly contribute to the quality of our hotels.

Our commitment to the well-being of the community is reflected in the creation of various partnerships with local institutions, and we support them in publicising and organising their activities, as well as in attracting donations.

We carry out initiatives that encourage interaction between local associations and employees, so that there is sharing and exchange of knowledge and experiences and community support.

Continuous learning and education are promoted in the various professional areas within the company, through training sessions and awareness-raising initiatives

We promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, actively participating in sponsoring local community events of high interest in the cultural, social and sporting fields.

Our policy of hiring employees is aimed at the local community to promote it economically and socially, with the intention of giving the highest importance to interpersonal relations within our work team and with their guests.

With regard to donations and charity, it is common practice within our group to donate materials and goods to local social institutions. Monetary donations have been encouraged with our guests.


Purchasing Policy

The Group's purchasing policy is geared towards regional products as a way of promoting the development of the regional economy and saving the environment from long and different transport processes.

Conscious of its role as a leader in the regional market, Savoy Hotels & Resorts seeks to strike a balance between development and social responsibility, preserving the environment and economic prosperity. The principles and commitments we make on a daily basis in our purchasing policies reflect our respect for suppliers, employees and customers, and allow us to have even greater confidence in our company.

Our approach to the market:

  1. a) Responsible purchasing - We maintain a supplier selection process based on strict and demanding criteria, taking into account the fundamental principle of sustainability.
  2. b) Regular events and regular meetings with most important suppliers to establish common goals for greater sustainability (product, packaging, transportation and others).
  3. c) Supporting regional suppliers - Other things being equal, we give preference to regional suppliers. For local products, our percentage is about 20% for products such as beer, fish, meat, biscuits, fruit, vegetables and others.
  4. d) We contribute to the region’s economic growth and avoid transporting goods from distant places which in turn favours environmental preservation.
  5. e) Respect for the environment - We look for environmentally-friendly suppliers who put into practice national and international standards in this field.
  6. f) Reusable Preference - we always have reusable and recycled goods available. Suppliers and products are regularly subject to testing according to the 80/20 principle (quantity, environmental impact and relevance).
  7. g) Promoting healthy eating - we contribute to a healthy diet for our employees and customers, offering the best and freshest products available, which are always subject to a strict quality and food safety process.
  8. h) Whenever possible we buy locally-grown organic produce.

We believe that even with these small contributions we can help implement global ecological change with effects on the future and on humanity: energy savings, more efficient waste management, biodiversity protection and improvements in consumption habits.

Food Safety Policy

Savoy Hotels & Resorts commits itself to high levels of food hygiene and safety.

Our policy is to provide safe, good quality food by ensuring that:

  1. a) Food is prepared and handled according to good hygiene practices, so as to minimise the risks of food poisoning.
  2. b) Food handlers are trained and supervised, which allows them to perform their duties taking food safety into account.
  3. c) Facilities and equipment are kept clean and hygienic.
  4. d) All reasonable precautions shall be taken to prevent acts against food safety by using effective management systems and procedures.
  5. e) Hygiene factors are taken into great consideration when changes are made to the company or when there is new equipment.

The policy incorporates Portuguese and Community legislation following Regulation (EC) 852-2004 of 29 April 2004, in the application of food safety systems based on the principles of H.A.C.C.P.

The Food Safety Management System - ForeSee Food Safety forms the basis of Savoy Hotels & Resorts management and safety and food hygiene systems.

Commitment to Quality

Since the beginning of the last century, Savoy Hotels & Resorts has hosted the most distinguished European aristocracy, with the prestige of its service spreading beyond the borders of Madeira itself.

Today, in the middle of the technological era, the tradition continues... The result of constant effort and commitment, based on attention to detail and personalised contact with each guest, this service sets itself apart from others.

Our mission is to put the knowledge acquired over a century at the service of our customers and contribute to their complete satisfaction. Our goal will always be to meet legal requirements and achieve continuous quality improvement, by offering health and safety products and services that exceed our customers' expectations. Defending the environment is a constant challenge and concern for us.

The best return that we can expect is to have each customer as a friend who sees the SAVOY as their home from home and leaves with a desire to return.

Our 10 Golden Rules:

  1. Always welcome the customer sincerely and warmly, addressing them by name.
  2. Always be clean, neat and smart in appearance.
  3. Always try to anticipate customer expectations and needs.
  4. Never say no to the customer, but always present alternatives to satisfy them.
  5. Always be well informed about the hotel and its services.
  6. Whenever possible, meet customers' requests without delay, not delegating to others.
  7. Respect and comply with safety and hygiene standards, ensuring a clean and safe workplace.
  8. Always make eye contact with the customer, smile and greet them, even if only passing by.
  9. Know your role in an emergency, protect customers and take care of the hotel's assets.
  10. Always say goodbye to the customer in a warm and friendly way, wish them a good trip home and invite them back.