Hotel Manager Message

Entering Royal Savoy is stepping into a superior world of history and tradition. Facing the sea, we open you the doors to a welcoming universe, where our incomparable main goal is to ensure that you comfortably feel at home!


Long are the years of service that Royal Savoy has dedicated to you. Heart-felt is our gratitude to those who have repeatedly visited and preferred us.


We like to envision our hotel as the books to which we always return to, always pointing us something new, or as a work of art where we mirror ourselves completely, never ceasing to thrill us.


The legacy of quality has been with us from day one. And that's how we move forward, firm in the manifestation of your happy and delightful moments away from home, although ever so close to the heart.


Collector's pieces that help to warm the atmosphere in every corner of Royal Savoy are timeless stories in potential that await you, year after year, to come to life.


See you soon!


Luísa Correia

Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager Message