Our Signature



Our name is the beginning.

It’s how we present ourselves.

It’s how people remember us from the start.


We put our name in everything we do.

We sign things. Especially the little ones. The details.

Some call it hospitality. We prefer to call it sharing.

Because that’s what we love to do. To craft and share stories with other people. Most of the times these people happen to be our guests.


Our story begins in Madeira Island.

The Savoy Hotel started a century-old tradition of welcoming distinguished people from Europe. This set the standard of service and exquisite care that is still followed today.


And so the story unfolded more stories.

Distinct and inspiring hotel stories.

Such as the hotel with nobility-worthy scenarios, the design resort that celebrates the magic of the sugarcane, the singular location nested between the mountain and a white sand beach, the garden-made-hotel just for two, the contemporary palace that masters the art of blending the new with Madeira’s heritage.


Stories that come a long way together with new ones, still being written. All waiting to be lived by the discerned guest.


Our own story started with a name. Savoy. A name that is now our signature.