Superior experiences

Allow yourself to be guided by the luxury of feeling like the most relevant person in the world. In a world of complete attention to every detail, the only constant is the excellence with which we anticipate your needs. The extraordinary becomes phenomenal. Perfection surpasses itself at every moment.

Jacarandá Club

At Jacarandá Club, you can indulge in a wide array of snacks and drinks throughout the day, with the added convenience of lunch and dining options. This versatile and stunning area is also where you can enjoy relaxing and lounging in complete privacy.


In the evenings, the 16th floor is ready for everyone to enjoy the Nikkei project. Nikkei sets you off to indulge in tasteful and eye-pleasing interpretations of Japanese dishes with flavours and techniques from around the world!

Your home over the Atlantic

Soar over the Atlantic with your own terrace and private pool.

Discover countless facilities at the Savoy Palace

Ideally located, The Reserve guarantees you access to Savoy Palace's extraordinary facilities and excellent services.