Take time to relax

Our wellness specialists are waiting for you with a selection of moments, rituals and treatments created to cleanse and recenter your mind and body. It’s your time to feel great.

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  • Kombi Relax Massage

    Price €58.00

    Kombi Relax Massage

    55 Min
    A combination of different massage techniques – Swedish, Thai, relax, hot stones, acupressure, with very relaxing and aromatic oils at your choice
  • Price 40€ | 60€


    30 | 55 MIN
    A massage of the meridian connected points on your feet with a special balm and very relaxing music. You don't have to believe in reflexology, we simply invite you to feel its effects.
  • Price €70 | €85

    Hot Stone Massage

    55 min | 90 min
    The original Hot Stone Massage using hot basalt stone encourages your body to relax deeply. The complete treatment to balance your body, your energy and your mind. Includes special massage oil synergy, candles and relaxing music.
  • Price €55.00

    Relax Legs & Feet

    55 min
    The perfect antidote for aching feet and tired, heavy legs. This massage uses fresh gel containing stimulating plant extracts.

Special Massages

  • Zen Balance

    Price €68.00

    Zen Balance

    55 min
    The most complete massage at the spa. Includes acupressure points, scalp and facial massage. The special spa delight to go back into balance.
  • Price €55.00

    Indian Head Massage

    50 min
    Relieve tension, headaches, eyestrain, tight necks and aching shoulders with this Indian Milenar Massage.

Scrubs & Wraps

  • Scented Chocolate

    Price €70.00

    Scented Chocolate

    60 Min
    Thanks to cocoa, this treatment can stimulate the production of endorphins that help body and mind to relax, for greater serenity. The perfect spa ritual for your holidays.
  • Price €65.00

    Algae Marine

    60 Min
    Detoxifying treatment that eases tension and helps boost the metabolism, reduces water retention and improves the elimination of toxins.
  • Price €65.00

    Exotic Tropical Cocktail

    60 Min
    Feel pampered in a silky and very aromatic body wrap that leaves the skin soft, beautiful and very yummy.


  • Moisturizing

    Price €55.00


    55 min
    For all skin types that need an extra moisturizing beauty and healthy care.
  • Price €55.00

    Sensitive Skin

    55 min
    For sensitive skin, reduces redness, irritation, comforts sensitive skin. Perfect as an after sun beauty care.
  • Price €60.00


    55 min
    Purifying treatment, particularly suitable for combination and oily skin. Restores its fresh, clean complexion.
  • Price €68.00

    Anti Wrinkle

    75 min
    This booster treatment wakes up tired, toneless skin restoring its firmness.

Beauty Essentials

  • Manicure

    Price €20.00


    55 min
  • Price €28.00


    55 min
  • Price €5.00


  • Price €5.00

    Extra Paraffin