A delightful spread of diversity.

Offered by the island or brought by the sea but always seasoned by history, our food is unlike any other. Sit down, we will show you.

Galáxia Skyfood

Dinner experiences where the fireworks start in your plate.

Pau de Lume

Authentic and irreverent cuisine in a familiar atmosphere, with delicious oven dishes, trendy healthy food, Portuguese snacks and all-day brunch.


Asian experiences


Inspired by local traditions, Terreiro restaurant offers varied and flavourful gastronomic experiences with a touch of creativity.

Alameda Restaurant

Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, where the tradition of the latin tables is inspired by the tropical flavours. Taste this beautiful encounter in...

Orchidaceae Atelier

A delicious gastronomical spread blossoms for your delight.

Hibiscus Restaurant

Madeira inspired delicious spread created to start your day.

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