The garden island
of the Atlantic

The garden island 
of the Atlantic

Where our stories meet yours

Where the currents, the culture and the nature of 3 continents meet to create something utterly unique, rises Madeira, the gorgeous setting to our stories.


Old legends sing of Madeira and Porto Santo as the Fortunate Islands, an idyllic place where the just would rest eternally surrounded by tranquility and a bountiful nature. The island's flora sets a luscious backdrop of vibrant colors and the most profound gradient of greens, This botanical spectacle is tantalizing to the senses and to this day makes the legend hold true.


Moons rose, tides changed, boats came and went, and Madeira blossomed into a sophisticated and cosmopolitan destination, a unique place where nature meets culture in a genuine and incomparable way. Taste the wine, the fruit and the food. Walk the levadas and swim the ocean. Meet the people, hear the music, dance in the carnival. Watch the sunsets and the fireworks that welcome every new year. Just visit once and you will know there is no other destination like Madeira.



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