Hotel Manager Message

The Savoy Palace is the triumph of a grand dream.


One day, with our eyes set on the ocean's infinity, we set ourselves to draw the idyllic scenery where it would feel so splendid to live everything you could have ever dreamt of. We have created this oasis of ostentation in the centre of Funchal and, every day, we marvel at the honour of being able to make you feel genuinely happy.


On behalf of our entire team:

Welcome to Madeira's warm atmosphere.

Welcome to the most indulgent, unforgettable and photogenic suites.

Welcome to unparalleled quality service.


At Savoy Palace, we open your horizons to days of absolute luxury and pleasure, where all experiences are personalized down to the smallest detail. The most natural thing is to let yourself be dazzled by the landscapes, full of diversity, and by the historical legacy that we so proudly insisted on portraying. Come and taste the best of gastronomy and, of course, toast to the achievement of the most beautiful of dreams.


Savoy Palace is your dream come true!



José Pereira

Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager Message