Events spaces

Whether within our premises or outdoors, we provide a diverse range of solutions for your dining experiences, be it lunches, dinners, or cocktails.
Our offerings cater to your unique vision and aspirations, encompassing restaurants, bars, and even rooftop venues. Each space is flexible
and can be exclusively reserved for intimate occasions, ensuring privacy and exclusivity.

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  • Galáxia Skyfood . Skybar
  • Pau de Lume
  • Hibiscus and Orchidaceae
  • Alameda and Terraços
  • Terreiro
  • Vimes
  • Palmeiral

At the top of Savoy Palace, with a rooftop overlooking the ocean and unique views over Funchal, a constellation of memorable flavours
from around the world for your event. Up to 600 people.

A vibrant space for buffets filled with Madeira Island’s authenticity. With a magnificent rooftop, it’s the ideal spot for a private dinner. Up to 100 people.

A vibrant space for buffets filled with Madeira Island’s authenticity. A delightful gastronomic experience in a buffet format for you and your guests
with a majestic view over the hotel’s pool, suitable for lunches or a welcome dinner. Up to 500 people.

Where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic and the Savoy Palaces’ stunning pool, Alameda restaurant draws inspiration from Latin tables' traditions with tropical flavours.
The versatile and spacious terraces are also available for your unique moments. Up to 200 people.

Inspired by traditions and installed in a colonial-style house, Terreiro and its gastronomic experiences are a true ode to the art of savouring life. Its gardens and terraces,
typical of Madeira Island, provide the ideal setting for your event. Up to 300 people.

Vimes Entertainment Bar celebrates the origins of Madeira Island and craftsmanship in an elegant and inventive way.
Available for private cocktails and dinners. Up to 150 people.

The surroundings of Savoy Palace's stunning pool provide an inviting atmosphere for guests to engage, fostering connections and drawing inspiration
from the breathtaking scenery. Ideal for a lively party, the Madeiran way. Up to 500 people.