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Memories designed for you

  • Romantic Dinner

    Dinner for two, in a private lounge featuring stunning vi...
  • Local Food Workshop

    Take Madeira’s flavours home with you.
  • The Art of Mixology

    Learn the secrets of balance in a cocktail glass.
  • Tai Chi & Chi Kung

    To focus and achieve balance.
  • Hatha Yoga

    Balance is at your reach.
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The House of Sugar

One day, a solitary sailor, hailing from Antwerp, dropped anchor at the south coast of an Atlantic island in a natural haven forged by sea and fire, a refuge for vessels, travellers and seabirds. Like the Portuguese navegadores that came to these shores 600 years before, so did he arrive, led off course by a storm, on his descent through the African coastline. Brabo, as he was known, just wanted to rest, to let by the storm that seemed not to be interested in that piece of land, and soon after set bearings to the south.

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The House of Sugar