Carved in the mountain
with panoramic views over the sea


With a singular location flanked by blues and greens, on the slope facing the ocean, the commitment of Saccharum's architectural project is, above all, with the original place.


Architected by the RH+ Arquitectos team, the unique natural and landscape setting merges with the aesthetic language of this Design Hotel, resulting in an irregular configuration, on several levels, inspired by traditional Madeiran terraces.


The presence of the construction is diluted in a playful work with the original rock formations, making it part of the mountain itself and shaping it to the topography of the place. Also of special relevance in this landscape integration strategy was the addition of plant elements in the roof and flowerbeds.

A local hotel

Saccharum's commitment to developing the local community, starting with the work teams and the various new businesses that emerged with the hotel’s opening, is a sign of its perfect incorporation with the surroundings. Our Design Hotel is the guarantee of an immersive experience, rich in traditions and the dissemination of local history.
In addition, the main inspiration for this work of architecture and design was the surrounding nature and, above all, the sugar cane, a historical culture from which seeds grew centuries ago in this same ground.

A local hotel

A soulful interior design project

As in all of Nini Andrade Silva’s interior design projects, the magic is in the details. The rugs resemble factory floors, the copper pool at the Saccharum Spa represents a tank of honey, the green tones of the sugar cane are dominant, the beds’ headboards in every room hold unique photographs, the restaurants walls are covered in industrial tubes and appliances. All of this is wrapped in a modern luxurious style with space for tranquillity.