Body and Mind, in beautiful balance

Treat your body as a whole and experience treatments and rituals adapted to your specific nature or needs developed from secular teaching of the Ayurvedic medicine and modern therapeutic body care techniques.

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Signature Treatments

  • Saccharum Couples’ Ritual

    Saccharum Couples’ Ritual

    115 min
    Bubbling bath and body scrub, followed by a full body cane massage.
  • Alambique Massage

    25 | 55 min
    Extremely relaxing and customized massage with adapted pressure to release muscle tension.
  • Alambique Massage (Couples)

    55 Min | 2 People
    Extremely relaxing and customized massage with adapted pressure to release muscle tension.
  • Cane Massage

    55 min
    Extremely relaxing, it stimulate blood circulation and release muscles tension, balancing and harmonizing body and mind.

Holistic Experiences

  • Ritual Kundalini

    Ritual Kundalini

    70 min
    Ancient marma therapy with warm poultices whilst the sound Chakra Healing and balacing the energy and the tension of the body.
  • Bio Rhythms

    115 min
    This powerful treatment aims to restore the body’s natural biorhythms and support a detox cleanse.
  • Chakra Well-being

    115 min
    Subtle healing of the chakras and the pouring of warm oil over the third eye to restore and relax all senses.
  • Couples’ Connect

    115 min
    Chakra healing and the pouring of warm oil over the third eye encourage a beautiful union of body, mind and soul.


  • Manipura-Beautiful Jelwel

    Manipura-Beautiful Jelwel

    55 min
    Calming/Anti-stress release/For digestive problems/Fatigue Essential oils such as geranium, lemon grass, lavender and patchouli stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting well-being sensations. The warm poultices in particular help to relax and energize the solar plexus deeply.
  • Prana Vitality

    55 min
    This full body massage helps release toxins, reduce fatigue and restore physical and mental strength.
  • Inner Peace

    55 min
    Specialized massage & marma therapy with emotionally balancing and interior healing.
  • Ku Nye

    85 min
    This Tibetan treatment balances the five elements to restore a harmonious flow of energy and vitality.


  • Anada Face Therapy

    Anada Face Therapy

    55 min
    Powerful damascena rose otto & sandalwood oils, stimulate energy to skin cells. Specialised marma massage techniques restore natural glow.
  • Renewed Recovery Face Therapy

    55 min
    Restorative therapy draws on intense healing rainforest extracts to rejuvenate skin cells. Lymphatic drainage techniques and warm poultices over the lymph points provides warmth and increases stimulation on the lymphatic system.
  • Gold Cellular Age Restore Face Therapy

    55 | 85 min
    face only | with back massage Powerful treatment with hyaluronic extract combined with sonic waves, that instantly increases collagen levels and reduces skin cells inflammation.
  • Marine Flora Face Therapy

    85 min
    Removes toxins at a deep level through lymphatic and nerve point techniques.


  • Ila CBD Face Therapy

    Ila CBD Face Therapy

    55 min
    This deeply rejuvenating face therapy combines the powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects of CBD (Cannabinoid) with the effective calming techniques of ‘Marma Therapy’. This powerful synergy releases tension and stress from the face whilst restoring balance and vitality within the face & body.
  • Ila CBD Kundalini Calm

    55 | 70 min
    This deeply soothing back treatment will increase your energy and spiritual enlightenment by awakening the dormant energy in the base of your spine known as Kundalini. The sound chakra healing activate and channel the Kundalini – the dormant energy at the base of the spine: tension is lifted; negativity is released; and the body is brought back to a state of awareness and balance

Scrubs & Baths

  • Energising & Detox

    Energising & Detox

    25 | 55 min
    Using Himalayan salts crystals for a detoxifying body scrub effect. Opcional: Express body scrub
  • Blissful Body Renewal

    55 | 25 min
    Scrub with Himalayan salt crystals and massage to revitalize and regenerate. Optional: express body scrub.
  • Ila Rose Bliss Bath for Couples

    25 min
    Ila bathing ritual with himalayan salts and oils revitalizes the mind allowing feelings of peace and tranquility.

Wraps Ila-Spa

  • Pearl and Jasmine Scrub with Amethyst Wrap

    Pearl and Jasmine Scrub with Amethyst Wrap

    85 min
    Jasmine Himalayan salt crystal scrub, relaxes and balances the nervous system, regenerating skin cells.
  • Bio-Energising

    85 min
    This detoxifying scrub and mud wrap detoxifies and promotes a profound healing in the energy body.
  • Sun Cooler

    55 min
    Refreshes and replenishes sun-damaged or overheated skin by reducing bodily heat.

Other massages

  • Hot Stones Massage

    Hot Stones Massage

    55 min
    A very relaxing massage using the power of heat energy radiated by hot stones that penetrates deeply into the muscles, promoting an intense relaxation.
  • Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

    55 min
    Indian massage origin, based on vigorou stretching and gliding relieves tension, strengthens the imune system.
  • Deep Cleansing Facial

    85 min
    Cleans and unblock the pores, leaving the skin balanced, for all skin types.
  • Anti-cellulite Massage

    45 min
    Designed to improve blood circulation and to detoxify the skin, preventing the retention of liquids.

Beauty Essentials

  • Ila Impeccably Perfect Hands

    Ila Impeccably Perfect Hands

    25 min
    A scrub, rose balm, marma massage and hydrating rose quartz gel mask.
  • Ila Flawless Feet Treat

    25 min
    An energizing & detoxifying scrub to smooth the skin followed by a marma massage and foot mask to stimulate and soften.
  • Manicure

    50 min
  • Paraffin Manicure

    60 min

Superior Suites have free spa and gym access and other guest rooms will have access to the spa when reserving a massage or treatment (except Beauty Essentials).


All treatments include a tea ritual. Exclusive for people over 16 years of age.


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