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Surrounded by tropical scenery and a very sweet atmosphere, our tranquillity resort emanates a strong wellness mentality that invites you to take a deep dive in absolute comfort and sophistication.


We might be suspicious, but we believe that you will find the retreat you've longed for, immersed between the sea and the hills, the blue and green vibes, the elegance and balance of it all.


Take the plunge and indulge in Saccharum Spa only to find your well-being restored. Managing to fully relax can be hard work – not here! With breath-taking infinite views of the ocean, not even the sky is the limit.


The holistic approach, which we are so proud of having created, is a balm for your inner peace. And that can be seen from afar.


If we had to choose a symbol that translates the inner peace that you can experience here, it would undoubtedly be our infinity pool, an icon of beauty and vision. And it looks so good in your holiday photos!



Bruno Teles

Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager Message