The Story of The Palace of Tomorrow and the Days Before

This takes place in Madeira, the garden Island of the Atlantic Ocean.

This beautiful piece of land was known by its exuberant forests and its people and their unique traditions. When telling their stories, each visitor usually highlighted a different experience. The water channels, the old tunnels, the linen and cotton embroidery, the food, plentyful and diverse, the wonderful wine, the mild weather, and so on. There were many things to remember and to talk about. So people were always discussing about what was the most beautiful item of Madeira. The most important one.


So, one day, someone had an idea. And this was no common someone. The Lady of the Palace was a creative and even more curious mind. She wondered “what if we could create a space that presented Madeira’s singular roots and characteristics?” All these things put together, so people could experience them and then decide on what should be considered the most amazing ambassador of the island. And the discussion could cease to be. This would have to be a place that mixed traditions and history with new things, because Madeira was always changing, as a living, enchanted organism.


So the Palace of Tomorrow and the Days Before was built.


The Palace was made of magic.

Gentle pastel fabrics stood as giant walls, flowing with the ocean breeze. Local artisans from all over the island created unique pieces of furniture, paying a heartfelt tribute to Madeira’s natural treasures. Flowers blossomed everywhere, from the dining halls to the remarkable cocoon-like rooms that prevented time from happening inside their frontiers. Many artifacts were gathered and shared with the visitors, each with its own history and wonder. While all of this was taking place, new events were always happening, bursting, surprising even the most prepared guest. This was a metamorphosed Madeira.



People came from all over the globe. Young explorers, experienced travellers, solo and group voyagers. The Palace of Tomorrow and the Days Before was the ultimate way to find Madeira’s most authentic symbol. It took some time to grasp it all. Some stayed for 2 days, others preferred to delve in for weeks. All searching for that one single thing.


Finally people started to proclaim their choices.



Some identified the food.

Others, the Nature’s gifts.

Some mentioned the sky fire.

Others, the vibrant novelties.

And of course, the wine.


There was no magic conclusion.

Madeira had not just one thing. Its infinity of marvels was its best symbol.

And the place to feel it like nowhere else was now there for everyone to discover.

The Palace of Tomorrow and the Days Before.